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Centre for Sustainable Development

Est 2000 - home of the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development
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Inculcating Sustainable Development among Engineering Students, Part 2: Assessing the Impact on Knowledge and Behaviour Change
Azmahani Abdul-Aziz , Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof, Amirmudin Udin, Adibah Abdul-Latif& Jamaludin Mohamed-Yatim

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Experience in a first year introductory course of a methodology based on projects in the engineering faculty
Nhora Acuna, Hernando Díaz, Andrés Olarte

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Approaches to Teaching Engineering for Sustainability in the Department of Bioresource Engineering at McGill University, Canada.
Jan Adamowski and Olga Shuvalova

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What is Sustainable Technology?
A materials perspective for learning complexity in engineering
Mike Ashby, Didac Ferrer-Balas

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Bajzeli B

Using a Water, Energy and Land research model to bridge the gap between research and teaching
Bojana Bajzelj, Richard A. Fenner, Elizabeth Curmi and Keith S. Richards

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Bernard M

Education in ‘life cycle sustainability assessment’: caring for all 3 P’s in one. Mazijn Bernard, Ciroth Andreas, Ugaya Cassia and Valdivia Sonia

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Blom S

Engineering students become sustainable practitioners by combining profound learning and sustainable education S. Blom, M. van den Bosch, S.F.J. Flipsen and S.M. Persaud

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Bramald T

Exploring first year undergraduates’ perceptions of conflicting parameters and complexity in civil engineering through three learning experiences Tom M. Bramald, Oliver Heidrich and Jean A. Hall

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Buch A

Getting Context back in Engineering Education
Anders Buch
and Louis L. Bucciarelli

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Byrne E

A New Kind of Engineer: Incorporating Complexity, Uncertainty and Ethics as Bases for EESD Edmond P. Byrne and Gerard Mullally

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Carpenter A

Critical reflections on the chemical leasing concept
Dr Rodrigo Lozano, Dr Angela Carpenter
, Dr. Francisco J. Lozano

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Dahlin J E

The use of board games in the engineering education for the purpose of stimulating peer participation in lecture theatre discussions
J-E. Dahlin, P. Larsson, C. Erlich

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deEyto A

Does the boat float? - The impact of teaching sustainable development in design and engineering
Dr.A. deEyto, Dr.M. McMahon, Dr.K. Mulder, Dr. R. Wever, G.De Werk , Mariette Overschie

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Delcore A

Using in-country experience to co-create a design for a sustainable solar headlamp for a rural community in the developing world
Amanda D. DelCore and Dr. Pritpal Singh

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Dobson H

Education for Sustainable Development: can engineers be satisfied learning interdisciplinary sustainability skills collaboratively?
Helen E. Dobson, Frances Hill, Anna Hiley and C.Bland Tomkinson

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Edvardsson Bjornberg K

Integrating social sustainability into the engineering curriculum at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH): A pilot study
Karin Edvardsson Björnberg and Inga-Britt Skogh

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Egelund Holgaard

Information technology for sustainable development
- a problem based and project oriented approach
Jette Egelund Holgaard, Aida Guerra, Hendrik Knoche, Anette Kolmos and Hans Jørgen Andersen

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El Zein A

Engineers as Problem Solvers: A Deficient Self-Definition for the 21st Century
Abbas H. El-Zein, Chris Hedemann

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Finnegan S

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its role in improving decision making for sustainable development
Stephen Finnegan, Mal Ashall, Laurence Brady, Michelle Brennan,
Sian Dunne, John Gammon, Derek King, Martin Turley

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Finnveden G

Developing sustainability learning outcomes for engineering
Göran Finnveden and Emma Strömberg

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Fitzpatrick J

Evolving aspects of sustainability in a chemical engineering capstone design project
John J. Fitzpatrick, Edmond P. Byrne, Denis Ring, Aisling O’Riordan, Kate O’Sullivan and Jorge Oliveira

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Fortuin K

Evolving aspects of sustainability in a chemical engineering capstone design project
John J. Fitzpatrick, Edmond P. Byrne, Denis Ring, Aisling O’Riordan, Kate O’Sullivan and Jorge Oliveira

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Garcia A

Education for Sustainable Communities through
Student-Centred Research
Garcia-Arrazola, R., Landeros, J., Castillo, E. and Sanchez-Cataño, L.R.

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Garret D

A practical focus on identity development in learning to design for sustainability
David W. Garrett and Tracy Bhamra

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Glendinning S

Embedding sustainability into the Civil Engineering Curriculum – a design based approach
Stephanie Glendinning, Enda O’Connell, Andy Mace and Jean Hall

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Guerra A

Student’s perspectives on Education for Sustainable Development in a problem based learning environment
Aida O. Guerra & Jette Egelund Holgaard

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The rise and the demise of the Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (EESI) master program KTH

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Halbe J

The Role of Paradigms in Engineering Education and Practice for Sustainable Development
Johannes Halbe, Jan Adamowski, Claudia Pahl-Wostl

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Hall J

Global Engineering – a design and build challenge
Jean A. Hall, Adam Scott, Charlotte A. Paterson

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Hall J (2)

Civil Engineering Design Realised through Case Study Focussed Problem Based Learning
Jean A. Hall, Sarah Dunn and Stephanie Glendinning

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Heidebrecht A

The Development of a Sustainability Emphasis in McMaster University’s Engineering Programs
Art Heidebrecht, Gord Irons

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Irving Olsen S

Teaching sustainability in engineering solutions as a generic bachelor course
Stig Irving Olsen, Susanne Balslev Nielsen, Marina Ejlertsen, Tim C. McAloone

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Jansen L

Leo Jansen: working for the next generations
Léon AM Jansen

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Jaros M

Can Civil Engineering Students be Taught Design Skills?
Malcolm Jaros and Derek Stretch

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Evaluation of application of sustainability metrics across multiple undergraduate design projects
Margaret C. Jollands, Raj Parthasarathy and Mark Latham

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Jonker G

Effective Teaching methods for Sustainable Design
Gerald Jonker, Jan Harmsen

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Karwat, D

Activist Engineering: Changing Current Engineering Practice Through Innovative Praxis
Darshan M.A. Karwat, W. Ethan Eagle, Margaret S. Wooldridge, Thomas E. Princen

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Keirstead J

Introducing sustainable development to engineers with a simple
mathematical model
James Keirstead

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Keynote Synopsis Lonngren and Hanning

Is it sustainable to educate engineers?

Reflections on the purpose of Engineering Education by J. Lönngren and A. Hanning

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Kordas O

Advancing ESD in Ukraine: From awareness to orientation towards long-term thinking and societal needs
Olga Kordas, Karel Mulder, Eugene Nikiforovich, Jordi Segalàs, Alexis Pasichny, Kateryna Pereverza

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Kruopiene J

Towards Sustainable Waste Management in the Baltic Sea Region Countries: the contribution of universities
Walter Leal Filho, Jolita Kruopiene, Harri Moora, Åsa Stenmarck

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Lonngren J

Perspective preferences within the EESD community
J. Lönngren, M. Svanström

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Lozano R

Developing a more holistic university sustainability report: Experiences from the University of Leeds
Rodrigo Lozano (PhD), Jordi Llobet (MSc), Gary Tideswell (MSc, LLM)

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Lundqvist U

Pedagogical Support for Education for Sustainable Development
- Description and evaluation of a New Support Function for Teachers and Programme Directors at Chalmers University of Technology
Ulrika Lundqvist

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Lundqvist U(2)

Experiences from an International Training Programme on ESD in Higher Education at Chalmers University of Technology
Ulrika Lundqvist and John Holmberg

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A Procedure for Analysing ESD Curricula Applied on Engineering Programmes at Swedish Universities
Ulrika Lundqvist, Reidar Lyng, Claes Ohlsson, and Magdalena Svanström

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Malkki H

Curriculum Planning in Energy Engineering Education
Helena Mälkki, Jukka V. Paatero

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Masseck T

Teaching Sustainability through Living Labs in Architecture:
The case study of the UPC-LOW3 prototype solar house
T. Masseck

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Mattiussi E

The Global Dimension in the UK Engineering Curriculum: The EWB Challenge
Emily Mattiussi, Dr. Michael Clifford and Dr. Tim Short

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McMartin D

Rethinking Problem Solving in Environmental Engineering
Dena W. McMartin

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Micangeli A

Attitude to Sustainability Issues related to some
Students Learning Characteristics
Andrea Micangeli, Vincenzo Naso, Apollonia Matrisciano, Francesca Farioli, Nicola P. Belfiore

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Mohd Yusof

Inculcating Sustainable Development among Engineering Students, Part 1: Designing Problems and Learning Environments with Impact
Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof, Fatin Aliah Phang, Mohd Johari Kamaruddin, Mimi Haryani Hassim, Haslenda Hashim, Aziatul Niza Sadikin, Jamarosliza Jamaluddin, Norhayani Othman, Hashim Hassan, Syed Ahmad Helmi, Azmahani Abdul Aziz & Zaini Ujang

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Montgomery J

Filling the Gap in Engineering Education for Sustainability: Developing a Cohort-based Masters Degree of Engineering Leadership for Sustainability
James F. Montgomery, Susan Nesbit, Naoko Ellis, Thomas Froese, Sheryl Staub-French, Heather J. Cruickshank

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Mulder K

Beyond the fear of catastrophe!
Motivating Students and Lecturers for Education in Sustainable Development
Karel F. Mulder, Didac Ferrer-Balas, Jordi Segalas-Coral, Olga Kordas, Eugene Nikiforovich, Katerina Pereverza

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Nesbit S

Educational Principles for Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: Experiences from the U.K. and Canada
Susan E. Nesbit, Heather J. Cruickshank and John C. Nesbit

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Nicolaou I

The Integration of sustainable development competencies in Irish Engineering Education: Findings of a curriculum content investigation of four engineering programmes
Iacovos Nicolaou, Eddie Conlon

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Nystrom Claesson A

Systems thinking for sustainable development -
what does it mean and how is it formed?
Anna Nyström Claesson, Magdalena Svanström

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Proceedings of the sixth international conference Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD13) Conference held in Cambridge 22nd - 25th September 2013. Alphabetical list of papers by Author Read More… Keynote Synopsis Lonngren and Hanning Read More… Plenary session: Professor Paul...

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Pargman D

“It’s not fair!” - making students engage in sustainability
D. Pargman and E. Eriksson

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Penlington R

Staff and student perspectives on embedding sustainability into the engineering curriculum.
Roger Penlington, Jenna Tudor and Noel Perera

Read more at: Plenary session: Professor Paul Jowitt, Heriott Watt University (Former President of the ICE)

Plenary session: Professor Paul Jowitt, Heriott Watt University (Former President of the ICE)

Professor Paul Jowitt BSc(Eng) PhD DIC CEng CEnv FICE FIPENZ FRSA FCGI FRSE Please click here for pdf of slides of the plenary session by Professor Paul Jowitt, Herriott Watt University. Paul Jowitt is Professor of Civil Engineering Systems and Executive Director of the Scottish Institute of...

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Premer Petersen R

The Potential Role of Design in a Sustainable Engineering Profile
Rikke Premer Petersen

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Quartey J

Engineering Education as a tool for human welfare improvement in Africa: A multidimensional model analysis
Jonathan D. Quartey

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Ramboarisata L

Educating future engineer-managers about ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
Lovasoa Ramboarisata, Corinne Gendron

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Redvers D

A Case Study: Global Engineering Consultancy Training Young Engineers in Sustainable Development using a Charity Project in Rural India
Del Redvers

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Ring D

Industrial retrospective analysis to progress sustainability within the chemical engineering design project at UCC
Denis Ring, Edmond P. Byrne, John J. Fitzpatrick, Jorge Oliveira

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Robertson Begg J

Experiences of teaching sustainability, ethics, and innovation
to engineering students using various pedagogic approaches.
Dr John Robertson-Begg

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Rogak S

A professional training program to help engineers thrive with the complexity of energy issues
Steven N. Rogak, Eric Mazzi

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Rosano M

De-constructing the sustainability challenge for engineering education. An industrial ecology approach
Michele Rosano, Wahidul Biswas

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Savelski M

Sustainability Integrated throughout Rowan’s Chemical Engineering Curriculum
Mariano J. Savelski, Stephanie Farrell and C. Stewart Slater

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Segalas J

ERASMUS Intensive Program in Sustainable Technology Development: Multicultural Constructive Community learning course for EESD applying Backcasting
Jordi Segalàs, Gemma Tejedor

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Sivapalan S

Higher Education Student Stakeholders Voices on Sustainable
Development Educational Outcomes for Engineering Education in
Subarna Sivapalan, Ganakumaran Subramaniam & Michael J Clifford

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Smith H

Evaluating the development of transferable skills among research engineers in an Industrial Doctorate Centre
H. M. Smith, P. Jeffrey

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Sotoudeh M

Pre-assessment Projects for Practice Based Learning
An interdisciplinary and project based course for ecological assessment at the Graz Technical University

Mahshid Sotoudeh, Gerda Gahleitner, Sara Arias Martin, Khurram Shahzad, Klaus Supancic, Lara Trentadue and Thomas Winkler

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Accelerating Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes in Sustainable Building Sciences
Stefan Storey, Paul Save, and James Montgomery

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Svanstrom M

Integrating Education for Sustainable Development into the Environmental Management System – Experiences from Chalmers University of Technology
Magdalena Svanström, Ulrika Lundqvist, Jennica Kjällstrand and Malin Blomqvist

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Takala A

Constructing sustainable water supply and sanitation services – what do future water engineers need to learn?
Annina J. Takala

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Thompson G

Systems Integration for Sustainable Outcomes:
A Proposed Curriculum
Gordon Thompson

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Tuinstra W

Learning to cross boundaries between science, policy and society
Willemijn Tuinstra, Joop de Kraker and Ron Cörvers

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Umana M

The Function and the Equation of Sustainability. A dissemination of a new advancement in the evolution of sustainable development.
Mauricio V. Umaña, Juan J. Gibaja & Elena Ochoa

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Valderrama A

How is sustainability incorporated into the engineering curriculum? The case of DTU and AAU
Andrés Valderrama, Ulrik Jørgensen, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Arne Remmen

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Van de Kelft D

A Socratic approach to teaching sustainability
Dimitri van de Kelft & Jan Venselaar

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Vargas L

Practical Experiences as part of Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: The Ollagüe Smart Microgrid Energy Project
Luis S. Vargas, Guillermo Jimenez-Estevez

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Vemury C

An Integrated Approach to Teaching Multidisciplinary Design for Sustainability
Chandra Mouli Vemury, Neil Thorpe & Oliver Heidrich

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Verhulst E

Ecodesign in Higher Education:
Development of a Hands-on Toolkit to Support Integration of
Ecodesign in Engineering Programmes
E. Verhulst & K. Van Doorsselaer

Read more at: Von Blottnitz H

Von Blottnitz H

More complex from the outset: theory, practice, laptops and natural foundations in a new 1st year chemical engineering course
Harro von Blottnitz, Jennifer M Case, Hilton Heydenrych and Duncan M Fraser

Read more at: Wangel J

Wangel J

Engineers of the future: using scenarios methods in sustainable development education
Wangel, J. Höjer, M. Pargman, D. Svane, Ö.

Read more at: Wensing E

Wensing E

Key Competencies for Collaboration Between Engineers, University Students and their Communities for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean: A Psychological and Sociocultural Perspective
Enrico J. Wensing PhD & Wayne Archibald PhD,

Read more at: Zeiler W

Zeiler W

Integral Design: the new roles for architect and engineers for sustainable development
Wim Zeiler