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Dr Leon Kapetas MSc, PhD

Leon Kapetas is a Hydrologist by training and holds a PhD in Geosciences from the University of Edinburgh. Leon is an expert in Nature-based Solutions and Urban Climate Adaptation and is skilled in developing technical and socio-technical solution approaches in multi-stakeholder environments. He is particularly interested in the interaction dynamics between policy, scientific evidence, society and economy. Leon has experience in research and consulting environments across multiple countries. His work in Latin America focused on the development of groundwater models to understand and manage the impacts of mining operations on aquifers and surface water bodies in the Andean region. As research associate at the University of Cambridge he investigated how blue-green infrastructure can form part of climate adaptation strategies in urban environments. Leon has also worked as technical lead for the 100 Resilient Cities initiative.

Leon is the author of multiple peer-reviewed research articles in the area of water resources management and currently works for Draxis Environmental Technologies and is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dr Leon Kapetas

Leon Kapetas

Photo credit: Kapetas