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Centre for Sustainable Development

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Sarah Louise Fitton (BA Hons, MCD, MRTPI) (nee Holmes), is a chartered town planner.  She graduated from the University of Liverpool where she studied for both her Undergraduate and Master’s degrees.  She joined the Centre in October 2011 to research the societal value of economic infrastructure projects.  Her PhD is funded through an industrial CASE award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in collaboration with Arup, the industrial partner.

She is a member of Churchill College.


Sarah gained a Bachelors of Arts degree with honours in Geography in 2005 and a Master of Civic Design degree with distinction in 2007, both from the University of Liverpool.  During her Geography degree and for 10 months between completion of her undergraduate degree and commencement of her Master’s degree, Sarah worked in the financial sector.   Upon graduation of her Master’s degree Sarah took a position at the engineering and design consultancy, Ove Arup and Partners (Arup) as a graduate Planner.  Two and a half years later Sarah became a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

In a professional capacity, Sarah works at the interface between transport planning and town planning integrating sustainability into large Masterplan designs and smaller local proposed developments.  During her employment at Arup, Sarah has worked on a range of projects, including economic infrastructure development.  Her involvement in these projects and the continual consideration of sustainability issues ignites Sarah’s interests to examine further how the societal value of such projects are articulated and demonstrated.  This research was conducted by Sarah while employed by Arup.  However, following the conclusions drawn from the initial research, Sarah was awarded an Industrial CASE award to examine the subject full time by taking a leave of absence from Arup for the duration of her studies.

Sarah has completed her PhD and is waiting to graduate.


Sarah Holmes