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Project Neptune: Delivering sustainable water systems by optimising existing infrastructure

The NEPTUNE Project is a Strategic Partnership between EPSRCABBYorkshire Water and United Utilities

The project commenced in April 2007 and is scheduled for three years. It has a total budget of £2.7 million. The University partners include Cambridge University, Sheffield University, Imperial College, Exeter University, Lancaster University, Leicester University and De Montfort University.

The project objectives are as follows:
  • To develop pragmatic, robust and novel methods and technologies to understand system performance in real time.
  • To develop a novel approach and practical tools for pressure management in order to improve customer service, efficiency and sustainability of water distribution systems and to test innovative technology in which pressure management will be linked with energy consumption and leakage reduction.
  • To develop an integrated, risk-based decision support system for evaluation of intervention strategies (both tactical and strategic) to inform decision making for sustainable water system operation.
  • To increase operator awareness, understanding and knowledge of system performance to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of operation and service delivery.
  • To develop knowledge, capabilities and tools to integrate system operation and enable intervention in system operation in real time to maintain and enhance performance.
  • The implementation and validation of prototype outputs from the above in conjunction with on-going business processes utilising and developing innovative ideas.
Dr Dick Fenner is leading the contribution from the Centre for Sustainable Development to Work Package 1.2, 


which is producing knowledge from data by developing and integrating artificial intelligence and mathematical simulation technologies to produce an efficient, on-line, operational and event monitoring, analysis and reporting system. Dr Dedy Loebis joined the Neptune team on 2nd July 2007 and will be based in the CUED Centre for Sustainable Development.


More details about Project Neptune can be found at: