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Centre for Sustainable Development

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Engineering Education for Sustainable Development

– Rethinking the Engineer EESD 2013


In 2013 the Centre for Sustainable Development hosted the 6th International Conference in this series at Robinson College, Cambridge 22nd - 25th September 2013.

A new kind of engineer must be educated who in addition  to the familiar analytical problem solving skills that an engineering education provides,  can apply new approaches  and a wider set of choice criteria when formulating solutions to deal with wicked and messy problems. To achieve these goals there is a fundamental need to rethink the engineer’s role and contribution in society, the skills needed to be effective, and how Universities and lifelong learning can help deliver a reconfiguration of an engineer’s professional outlook and responsibilities. The explored how to move beyond merely advocating the next technical fix to finding sustainable solutions to increasingly difficult, complex and diverse problems.

Key questions discussed included:

  • How to move from narrow engineering optimisation to creating resilient solutions?

  • How to engage and learn from other disciplines?

  • How to monitor the implementation of new skills when graduates enter employment, and the changes they can lead from within industry?

  • What are the most appropriate pedagological approaches to encourage this re-evaluation of what it means to be an engineer in the next 20 years.

The Proceedings and papers from the Conference are archived below and can be accessed via the following links

Alphabetical list of papers by Author

Keynote Synopsis by Lonngren and Hanning

Plenary session: Professor Paul Jowitt, Heriott Watt University (Former President of the ICE)