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Multiple Benefit Assessment of Blue Green Infrastructure

Opportunities have been explored for incorporating Nature Based Solutions into flood management strategies through encouraging the adoption of Sustainable Drainage Systems and Natural Flood Management and evaluating the multiple benefits these can provide.

A toolbox for mapping a range of multiple benefits from urban greenspace has been produced which represents the spatial distribution of benefits as they propagate over an urban landscape.


Readings and resources

  • Fenner R.A. (2017) “Spatial evaluation of multiple benefits to encourage multi-functional design in blue green cities”,  Water (special edition on Sponge Cities December 2017) , Water Management 2017, Volume 9 Issue 953,

  • Morgan M, Fenner R.A. (2019), “A spatial approach to evaluating the multiple benefits of blue green infrastructure”, J Water Management, Volume 172 Issue 1, February 2019, pp. 39-52,


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