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Centre for Sustainable Development

Est 2000 - home of the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development

The team in the Centre for Sustainable Development are all actively engaged in developing the pedagogy needed to effectively explore sustainability themes with engineering students and graduates. They actively contribute to the conference series “Engineering Education for Sustainable Development” which brings together an international group of engineering educators every two years to share best teaching practice in this area.  The 10th meeting, EESD 21, will be hosted by University College, Cork in Eire in June 2021.

Professor Dick Fenner and Dr Dai Morgan of the CSD will lead a Workshop at this year’s event to revise and update the Barcelona Principle, which emerged from the EESD 2004 conference.   A summary paper is available here.

In this paper we identify nine dimensions which are not explicitly reflected in the original Declaration and further propose six new competences that might be added to reflect how the drivers behind engineering education for sustainable development must reflect an understanding of six imperatives: values, context, uncertainty, change, limits and vision.


Readings and resources

  • The EESD 21 Conference page can be found at

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For further information please contact Dr Dai Morgan.